Developer turned designer

Shakeel Mohamed headshot

I’m a visual designer, born and raised in the greater Seattle area.

As someone who never quite fit in, I’ve always been curious about how labels shape our identities. These are a few of my labels: ISTJ, Capricorn, introverted, type A, Ismaili Muslim, Gujarati, first-generation college graduate.

I’m inspired by peak performances, from Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals to The Weeknd performing at the Super Bowl halftime show.

I’m currently running my independent design business, ntrsct (in•ter•sect) designs, while learning more about design. I spend my free time volunteering with the Ismaili Muslim community on projects varying from branding to video production.

Design Principles

So far, I’ve seen these themes emerge from my work.

Local to Global

Taking my unique experiences and finding the core idea that applies to an international audience.

What If?

My creative process often begins with this question, then finding the easiest step to get started.

Switch it Up

I work through creative blocks by changing tools (e.g.: analog to digital and back).

Normal or G.O.A.T. 🐐?

There’s only one choice, and it’s not normal.

Life Principles

More broadly, this has been my formula for achievement.

Outwork deficiencies

Any weakness can be overcome with great effort.

Create the future

Start with the end in mind, work towards the plan, adjust as needed.

Seek growth constantly

Knowledge is power, so learn from the greats; success leaves clues.

Enable understanding through transparency

Use clear & direct communication, translate if necessary.

Think from a unique perspective

Think inside, outside, and about the box itself.


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