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Through writing, I like to reflect about problems I’ve solved, experiences I’ve had, and how to do things that were once difficult for me.

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My New Hustle Manifesto

After a great deal of reflection during the pandemic, I‘ve begun to rethink how I want work

10 Lessons From My 10 Year Journey

It's been a decade since I graduated from high school, here's 10 highlights from the past 10 years

Finding Your Individual Why Statement (Golden Circle Theory, part 1)

I've been intrigued by Simon Sinek's work for many years. I knew his Golden Circle Theory is an incredible idea but, I didn't know how to apply it in my daily life.

How to Love Yourself (A Different Way)

Imagine going back in time and talking to your younger self. What would you say to comfort them, to make them feel safe, to make them feel loved?

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