Summer with Splunk

The story of receiving an unexpected internship opportunity

This summer I received an unexpected opportunity to be a software engineer intern at Splunk’s Seattle office.

View of Safeco Field from the Splunk suite

I applied fully on a whim. I mean really. I didn’t even bother writing a cover letter, it seemed impossibly out of reach for me. But somehow my resume alone was enough to continue the hiring process, and I did well enough in my interviews to get an offer. No complaints from me! :)

My first work task involved minor changes to the Splunk SDK for JavaScript. This got me re-interested in Node.js, and prompted me to begin building Today Was in Node.

Then I transitioned into bringing modular input support to the Splunk SDK for Python in version 1.1. I really appreciated this task because it was a major feature that developers would use, and a chance for me to learn most of Python in about 3-4 weeks (crazy!).

But it hasn’t been all work. A few weeks ago the whole office went to a Mariner’s game for “intern day”, although I’m no longer a baseball fan I didn’t mind the view from a suite!

Since that time, I’ve been working on a demo using the new Splunk App Framework Beta.

A couple random things I’ve loved about my internship include getting to use a MacBook Pro and a standing desk.

Earlier this week my blog post on my work on the Splunk SDK for Python went live, which has me re-interested in blogging. Next Friday would’ve been the last day of my internship, but my internship has been extended to part-time through the school year — PERFECT.