BREAK Journaling

BREAK is a journaling process I created while on vacation in Thailand just before the pandemic in February 2022. Days after a stressful project, I noticed myself ruminating on negative thoughts that I knew to be untrue.
On the trip I noted all the limiting beliefs I observed and a fact or two to disprove them. After a few days of this, my anxiety subsided. I drafted this five-step process on my last night of vacation, knowing it was special.

‼️Work in progress. ‼️

This page should be in better shape by ~July 1, 2022.

Until then, see my full story in this presentation.

The Framework Steps


State the limiting belief.


How could you describe this situation without judgment?


What is an empowering alternative belief?


List facts that disprove the limiting belief.


What can you do to totally eliminate the limiting belief?

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